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A charging cable that bonds onto itself when coiled. Simply CoilSqueeze and the cable Bonds neatly into a bunch.  No more messy and tangled cables!

Coil. Squeeze. Bond!
Armadillo-style (using one hand)
PULL to uncoil!
Or do you prefer to THROW to uncoil?

Why BondCable?

Tired of messy and tangled cables? 

No additional fastener or fancy mechanism needed to keep your cables tidy and tangle-free! You can easily manage your cables neatly on your desk, in your drawer, bag or pocket. No more messy cables lying around!   

The BondCable is easy to manage and to keep in good condition; so not only will it last much longer than your regular cables, it will also keep your bags and everyday-carry items neat and tangle free!

How It Works

The BondCable bonds onto itself through its specially-designed cable profile. Made from high tensile and compression strength PVC, the grooves on the cable catches onto the protrusions, with opposing frictional forces bonding them together. 

Available in:

All BondCables are fast charging and can transfer data. Our lightning cables are MFi certified and produced by Apple-certified manufacturers!

Click here to see the specs.

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